Explore these sermon outlines and related articles to use in your church. Find and teach the rich treasures of spiritual truth in God's Word. Train disciples to faithfully teach others.

Author Background

These outlines and articles were written by Dr. Henry M. Morris III. His love for the Word of God and passion for Christian maturity, coupled with God's gift of teaching, have given Dr. Morris a broad and effective ministry over the years. A former college professor, administrator, business executive, and senior pastor, Dr. Morris is an articulate and passionate speaker frequently invited to address church congregations, college assemblies, and national conferences.

Dr. Morris holds four earned degrees, including a D.Min. from Luther Rice Seminary and the Presidents and Key Executives MBA from Pepperdine University. He is eldest son of the founder of the Institute for Creation Research. He has authored numerous articles and books, including The Big Three: Major Events that Changed History Forever; Exploring the Evidence for Creation, 5 Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation; The Book of Beginnings, Vol. 1: Creation, Fall, and the First Age; The Book of Beginnings, Vol. 2: Noah, the Flood, and the New World; Pulling Down Strongholds: Achieving Spiritual Victory through Strategic Offense; Six Days of Creation; Your Origins Matter; and A Firm Foundation: Devotional Insights to Help You Know, Believe, and Defend Truth.

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